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Letters to the Editor

Friday, August 10, 2012

Football is

special in Linton

To the Editor:

Friday Nights

The bright lights, the freshly mowed grass, the newly cleaned jerseys, and row after row of roaring fans waiting for that kickoff. There are only two words that sum it all up, Miner Football.

It's more than just "football season" for Miner fans. It's like a holiday that lasts for months. Being a student, I can tell you that every Friday during school there is nothing but talk of the night ahead. All you see is red and blue in the hallways, whether it is on the students, or even the teachers. When I was younger, I remember being at every football game but never really watching the game. And now that I'm in high school, I can't keep my eyes off the field.

The feeling of watching my own classmates out there just keeps me on my toes the entire night. There are so many young, soon-to-be mini Miners that can't wait to be the next quarterback, linebacker, running back, and much more. They sit in anticipation with the rest of this small town of Linton to watch a good football game with high hopes of one day playing on that home field as well. So many generations of Miners have gone through and played their part in the tradition. They have all put their hard work, dedication, sweat, and love into the game.

Although the whole town's hearts break when our road to success ends, we don't hesitate to come back the next year for more. There is a thrill unlike anything I've ever felt that washes over me when watching the game. Every hit made, every touchdown scored, and every field goal completed adds to the momentum that circulates through the mind. The talent that comes from the boys that take the field is not just put there; it's gained over a period and with time grows stronger. However, most are born with it in their blood to go out and make their town proud. Being a good football team comes with a downfall because we deal with a lot of negative comments from others around us. However, what they don't understand is that we are doing nothing more that being supportive fans for a team with great potential. Most people don't realize that the players don't just do this for themselves; they do it for the respected ones who wore the jerseys before them. I'm proud to say that even after I graduate in a couple of years, nothing will keep me from coming back and watching as jerseys and positions are filled with fresh talent. I know I speak for myself and the rest of the town of Linton when I say that I am ready to see where this 2012 Miner Football season takes us. Good luck boys!

Alexis Sanders

Linton-Stockton High School

Class of 2014

There shouldn't

be any surprises

To the Editor:

Why do we complain about what Obama does to our country? He told us from the beginning what he intended to do. There were no surprises.

Why do we gripe about what Congress does or does not do?

We voted for Obama. We voted for the members of Congress.

"We met the enemy, and they is us."

Soon, we'll be voting again. Will we vote smart this time, or will we vote stupid again? Are we going to be informed or will we depend on the party or the union for their advice, like the last time?

Mr. Donnelley tells us that he is a "Blue Dog" Democrat. Brad Ellsworth and Baron Hill were also "Blue Dog" Democrats. Then came Nancy Pelosi and took them to the woodshed. Ellsworth and Hill came out true Democrats. They marched, lock step with Pelosi. They are Democrats. So are Pelosi and Harry Reid. So is Joe Donnelley. In case you don't know, Donnelley is trying to win Richard Lugar's seat in the Senate.

To my friends who enjoyed by letters in the past, greetings - I'm back.

Thank you for listening.

Robert Weyer


Oliphant will be missed by his family

Remembering Jim Oliphant

The death of Jim "Big O" Oliphant was a very, very sad time for his wife Karen, mother Marquita, sister Connie, brother Scott and the rest of the Oliphant family.

His sons Neil and Joel and stepdaughter Jaimie also lost an important loved one in their young lives when Jim passed away.

Jim served Greene County in may ways and had many friends who were close to him. He loved his farm, fishing, hunting and camping. Some of the things that I remember about "Big O" was his big laugh, how strong he was, how he enjoyed good food and his concern for his older relatives.

One of my special memories of Jim was when all of us, in our younger days, camped on the sandbar and fished at night. When it was time to eat, which was anytime, "Big O" always brought out his Beanee Weenees and ate them cold or warmed on the fire. So the next time that you have absolutely nothing to fix for supper, get out some cans of Beanee Weenees, your favorite beverage and think of "Big O" and enjoy.

Thomas S. Oliphant



Lyons church says thanks for support

To the Editor:

The Lyons First United Methodist Church would like to say a big thank you to all who helped in any way with the recent yard sale. We had many helping hands.

Some donated goods to be sold; some helped move and set up the yard sale items and some provided baked goods. Others came and shopped, others donated money.

We had help assisting the shoppers, providing lunch on Friday and taking the unsold items. We cannot list all of you by name, or list all the help that was given. Please know that your efforts were noticed and appreciated.

We want to say a special thank you to the veterans who helped and who gave their time to share the information about the plans for the memorial.

Each one of you have a part in the future veterans memorial.

Rose Sparks

Pastor, Lyons First United Methodist Church

To the Editor:

The family of Louie G. Porter wishes to extend thanks to friends, family, church members, Worthington Welch & Cornett Funeral Home and Worthington American Legion for providing prayers, food, flowers and a full military rights burial during our time of bereavement.

The family of Louis G. Porter

Larry Porter

Lee Porter