FREE ACCESS: Local schools continue to put student safety first

Thursday, February 14, 2019

White River Valley students will start their day on Friday with a ‘soft lockdown’ after an alleged threat made over social media.

Superintendent Bob Hacker sent out a call to parents Thursday evening, informing them of the decision and increased police presence at the school.

Hacker said a WRV student reportedly received a message with a “generic threat” from a student from another school.

“That message was a generic threat that harm would come to WRV, Linton and Shakamak. There was no specific school pointed out, nor was there was a specific time and day,” Hacker said. “In this day and age, we take these types of messages seriously.”

Hacker said on Thursday, the high school and middle school went on a soft lockdown as a preventative measure.

“We will start the day tomorrow with a soft lockdown as well. We are working with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department in this endeavor,” Hacker said, noting there will be officers at all three White River Valley schools.

“There is no need for alarm. We take all of these messages seriously. Our number one goal and priority is to keep everyone safe,” Hacker said.

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