FREE ACCESS: Eastern Greene Schools will be closed through May 1, 2020

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Eastern Greene Schools Superintendent Trent Provo issued a release on Thursday, March 19. The release states:

"On Thursday, March 19, Governor Holcomb ordered all schools in Indiana to close through Friday, May 1. I will be meeting with my administration team on Monday, March 23. Together, we will start planning and making decisions concerning the rest of the school year. After our planning session, we will communicate with school staff and parents on what to expect for the remainder of the school year. We will not take any decision lightly. We will base our decisions on what is best for students. This is an unprecedented time for us all. We need to remain calm and work together toward the best outcomes for students. Administrators, teachers and school staff from around the state need your positive thoughts and prayers at this time.

There are many questions that we will try to answer in the near future. Some questions may get answered quickly. Other questions may not get answered until we get more information from the state. If you are the parent of a senior, I know this is probably a very troubling time for you. You did not plan on their last year of high school going like this. I know you are also thinking about the graduation ceremony. Trust me, I am thinking about that also. I hope to get more information from the state that will help us make a decision on the commencement ceremony. My son is a senior this year, so I understand what you are going through.

Unfortunately, the extension on our school closure also means that any extra-curricular activities between now and May 1 will not take place. Our school buildings will remain closed to everyone except teachers and essential staff.

Thank you for your patience during this stressful and most uncertain time. More information will be released next week after my administrative team can plan for this unprecedented situation. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. Thank you and take care."

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