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Forty seems about right
Posted Monday, May 23, at 11:19 AM
Many years ago the phrase "life begins at 40" was in vogue; a vain attempt to paddle down the river of Denial with Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Now I hear such phrases as "60 is the new 50", 80 is the new 70 and other such numbers in vain attempts to deny one is old...

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I am in training
Posted Monday, May 16, at 2:45 PM

Television programming is mostly trite and boring. It always has been. The Golden Age of TV is a myth. I am chagrined to admit that recently I was so bored I watched the World's Strongest Man Competition. Exhausting. They did inspire me to follow their training...

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Who do you trust?
Posted Thursday, May 5, at 7:08 PM

One summer BW and I drove to Washington, D.C. I grow weary just remembering all the places we visited. Then we motored homeward through Gatlinburg. There is no place more rakish, more garish, spawning more visual pollution that seems to be the plight of every popular tourist site in America...

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Differences between men and women
Posted Monday, April 11, at 12:14 PM

To those still learning, there are major differences between men and women. I share the following to support my premise. Names - If Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara go out for lunch, they will call each other Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara. If Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head and Scrappy...

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Bombinate defines TV ads
Posted Wednesday, April 6, at 11:03 AM

I hate irritating television advertisements. It is extremely rare that any of them convince me to purchase the item being touted. Some stations display as many or more minutes of advertising than programming. I thought cable was introduced as an alternative to ads. Am I wrong about that? Sometimes when the program returns after a hurricane of ads I often forget what I am watching. My blood pressure rises several points during the telethon of ads. So I read as I watch...

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Daniel loved to run
Posted Monday, February 29, at 11:10 AM

Daniel was a runner. He loved to run. Starting at an early age he showed his capability to race and beat his contemporaries. He became an icon similar to Michael Jordan and Nike today, Jeff Gordon for Pepsi and Dupont, Christie Brinkley for Total Gym and cosmetics, Danica Patrick for Go Daddy, Serena Williams for Nike and Dennis Haysbert for Allstate Insurance. It can be safely argued that Daniel showed the way for these notables of today...

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How much can I earn by not raising hogs?
Posted Monday, February 8, at 11:43 PM

Mr. (Tom) Vilsack (Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture): I know that you are the secretary of Agriculture and are influential in agricultural committees and programs. My friend, Elzy Cadge over at Calvertville, Indiana, received a check for $1,000 from the government for not raising hogs. ...

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The dirty rat let them down
Posted Monday, February 1, at 4:12 PM

What would you do if you were confronted with a rat? I don't mean a friendly looking animal that Disney would draw such as the lovable mouse in the movie Stuart Little. I am talking about a mean, ugly, dirty, menacing rat! Mike and Cindy were flying by the seat of their pants, taking a leisurely off-season vacation through the Smokey Mountains. ...

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Grandmother and granddaughter without technology
Posted Monday, January 18, at 9:51 AM

Recently we were sitting in a crowded restaurant having lunch with some friends engaged in normal conversation. I glanced about the restaurant and saw two people sitting at a table designed just for two. It might as well have been on a desert island or on a mountain top. The two persons sitting there were oblivious to their surroundings. Their eyes were locked in like an old Zenith AM radio when you find the correct station...

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Things you should never say at work
Posted Monday, January 4, at 5:04 PM

I read the following article on the Internet that lists things you should never say at work if you wish to have a positive environment. "Who are you voting for?" The writer thinks that political issues are divisive and hinder collaborative efforts. Some may feel bullied. Is everything bullying now?...

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We do everything with our hands -- Almost
Posted Monday, December 28, at 10:43 AM

About two days into her life of a broken arm, trying to adjust to the pain and suffering and not being able to use her right arm -- she is a righty -- BW moaned, "It is amazing what you can't do with just one hand, one arm." So, I became her right hand man and much of her left hand man also. A long time ago we promised each to love in sickness or health. We still mean it...

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The wind always blows the wrong way
Posted Monday, December 14, at 9:48 AM

For some reason it seems that the wind blows the wrong way most of the time. Is it just me or do you feel the same way? If I want the wind to blow south it blows north. If I want the wind to stop blowing, it continues to blow. If I want the wind to blow, it will not...

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I just can't explain it
Posted Monday, November 30, at 8:33 PM

There are some aspects of life that cannot be explained. At least I cannot explain them. There are no words, no rationale or reasons that justify or account for why something exists or just happened or has happened or continues to happen. All logic is disregarded. It makes me ask, "What is happening? What is this world coming to? Did you see that? What was that? What is that?"...

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Thanksgiving on the sitcoms is disastrous
Posted Tuesday, November 24, at 10:36 AM

I have seldom seen a Thanksgiving Dinner on a situation comedy or drama that went well. Most movies also follow the hackneyed, trite, clichés making the day and meal a catastrophe. Everything that can go wrong does. The people are inept, rude, crude, brash and everything but thankful. Only one person is sane; the woman at whose house the event is held...

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Her five dollar coupon cost $900
Posted Thursday, September 10, at 10:27 PM

As we are all aware when your knee hurts, as BW is experiencing, it is not good to aggravate it by cooking or cleaning or laundry, or running the Sprawl-Mart-A-Thon. Yesterday, we experienced the dining pleasure at one of Plainfield's finest culinary bistros.There is a new Brazilan concept of dining that is being introduced to the metro area.It is called Fogo De Chao and the chef brings a huge piece of beef on a spit to your table and you select how much you want and to what level of cooking.Elegant.Nothing is too good for my sweet lotus petal.We did not eat there.Okay, we went through the senior buffet at KFC.Sure, you only dine at ten star places where the elite meet and greet.. ...

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That's A Million Dollar Rain
Posted Monday, August 17, at 10:41 PM

We were spending some time with our daughter and her family this week. They live out in the country in a far flung subdivision. While there a glorious and wonderful thunderstorm rumbled through the area. I stood out on their roofed deck and drank in the glory of rain as I used to do on the farm. The rain came down in sheets, straight down, a Noah rain...

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Guide to being handy around the house
Posted Friday, August 14, at 12:58 PM

I am the handy man in our house. Here are some of the axioms I use when faced with a repair job. I always begin with this litany of action steps. It is truly amazing how many repairs can be accomplished using this as the launching pad. (1) Replace the battery, (2) Replace the bulb, (3) Check the fuse box and replace or reset as needed, (4) Fill the tank, (5) Turn the switch to on, (6) Plug it in, (7) Paint over it, (8) Think about it for a couple of days and try again...

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Are We At The Tipping Point
Posted Tuesday, July 28, at 9:38 AM

Weariness has seeped into the darkest recesses of my bones because of all the miscreants who go on a rampage killing innocent people and often themselves in the process. Plus every day on average 50 families are routinely plunged into grief for those murdered in America...

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Things You Should Never Buy Used
Posted Tuesday, July 21, at 11:27 PM

I read an article recently that recommended that there are some things to never buy used such as cribs, child car seats and digital cameras. Let's get serious. Never buy unwashed used underwear. That registers a 1000 on the Ewwwww Meter. I find it difficult to stand my own dirty underwear racing stripes notwithstanding...

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There Is No Law Against Being A Sesquipedalian
Posted Monday, June 1, at 2:04 PM

Loyal readers know that I am a sesquipedalian and a wordsmith. I don't try to hide it. There are no laws against it. I have never attended any marches or demonstrations crying out for my rights in the matter. When I say it most people respond with quizzical looks and a smirk. One wisenheimer said, "You know there are shots and treatment for that now," when I said it. That means I use large words to express meaning and I have a high interest in how to use language in a more effective way...

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