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The year is 1904 (08/22/16)

Don't ask, don't tell (07/18/16)

The saga of Ann and public restrooms continues (07/05/16)

Ann's face was as red as a South Florida sunset (07/05/16)

Forty seems about right (05/23/16)

I am in training (05/16/16)

Who do you trust? (05/05/16)

Differences between men and women (04/11/16)

Bombinate defines TV ads (04/06/16)

Daniel loved to run (02/29/16)

How much can I earn by not raising hogs? (02/08/16)

The dirty rat let them down (02/01/16)

Grandmother and granddaughter without technology (01/18/16)

Things you should never say at work (01/04/16)

We do everything with our hands -- Almost (12/28/15)

The wind always blows the wrong way (12/14/15)

I just can't explain it (11/30/15)

Thanksgiving on the sitcoms is disastrous (11/24/15)

Her five dollar coupon cost $900 (09/10/15)

That's A Million Dollar Rain (08/17/15)

Guide to being handy around the house (08/14/15)

Are We At The Tipping Point (07/28/15) 1

Things You Should Never Buy Used (07/21/15)

There Is No Law Against Being A Sesquipedalian (06/01/15)

We know segregation by its first name (04/23/15)

Hiram, Al and Mor always traveled together (04/13/15)

I didn't hear what I had expected from those folks (03/31/15)

Red Flags Say Run Do Not Walk To The Nearest Exit (03/26/15)

Oh can't you see what I have to put up with (03/02/15)

It Made Me Feel So Unnecessary (02/24/15)

Can't we do any better than Deflategate 2015? (01/26/15) 1

Tis the Season and it's finally over, thankfully (01/14/15)

Merry Christmas to everyone out there (12/23/14)

A Fist Fight With Cancer calls for a lot more (12/15/14)

I can still hear my father talking to me (11/17/14)

We Never Get To Sit On The Main Floor (11/06/14)

Things I Have Lost Somewhere Somehow Along The Way (10/31/14)

The Only Good Aspect of Flying: The Speed (10/14/14)

Kevin Remembered (09/09/14)

Events That Cause Great Satisfaction (08/29/14) 1

Just A Piece of Metal -- Wrong! (08/11/14)

I Jist Ain't Never Heerd Of Sich A Thing (07/18/14)

Laughing Is Good For You (07/08/14)

Rambler Alumni 2014 (06/24/14) 1

What's For Lunch (06/04/14) 1

Indiana has some great names for bands, cars and even barbecue restaurants (05/20/14)

Night Classes and Weekend Seminars for Women (05/12/14)

Someone stole BW's wallet! (05/02/14) 1

Bring The Crosscut Saw, I Have Found a Biggun' (04/25/14)

The best spring cleaning ever (04/21/14)

Gardens in Time (03/03/14)

If you would like to make a call... (02/20/14)

Why does Donald Duck go around half naked? (01/14/14)

Musings of Christmas 2013 (12/23/13)

Finding humor in unsuspecting places (12/09/13)

The Oracle has spoke (11/18/13)

Fast Food Restaurants That Did Not Make It (11/11/13)

You may be too young to know this but..... (10/31/13)

There is no cure for 'Gadgetosis' (10/15/13)

It's not even close: Grandgirls are the best! (09/27/13)

It took three hours to get a perfect match (09/16/13)

The Colts Don't Even Want This Pigskin (08/30/13)

The Solar Powered Clothes Dryer -- Clothesline (08/27/13) 1

We're all afraid of something (08/16/13)

Equal protection under the law of Dog Patch (08/12/13) 1

Walking pneumonia and implants did us in (08/02/13)

You know what they say: You can't fix stupid (07/25/13)

A Melange of Detritus (07/25/13)

Muttley McBarker wins again (07/09/13)

Mother Nature is funny about hair (06/24/13)

Why Does Donald Duck Go Around Half Naked? (06/17/13)

Trip to old home place brings back memories (06/03/13) 1

Hawaii Redux (05/31/13)

Some live a 'heavenly life' and a 'living hell' (05/23/13)

Don't forget to bust your 'girlie' moves (04/29/13)

Buskirk was the 'biggest Yankee in the world' (04/17/13)

Whoever thought that was an improvement? (04/02/13) 1

Harbingers of spring (03/25/13)

Did he really just say that? You've got to be kidding (03/20/13)

Howard Hughes must be spinning like a lathe (03/14/13)

Telemarketer has more stamina than anticipated (02/25/13) 1

Bob Did His Wyatt Earp Impression (02/19/13)

It Was Colder Than A Dog's Nose on Your Leg in August (02/08/13)

Today is a New Opportunity (01/09/13)

Men Beware The Marriage Test (12/28/12)

My Teeth Get Longer Each Day (12/25/12)

I like Christmas from years ago (12/13/12)

BW can't end a phone conversation (12/10/12)

Why do some bozos have to ruin everything? (11/26/12)

My broken toe should heal in a month (11/19/12)

It all started with the water softener (11/12/12)

Audley, Elzy ponder women's fashions (10/29/12) 1

I Have 20K Boots To Sell (10/16/12) 1

Some things people say just don't make any sense (10/03/12)

Driving up, down Pike's Peak wasn't fun! (09/10/12) 1

Observations While Driving The USA (09/05/12)

Once upon a time never came again (08/21/12) 2

Is there anything good about poison ivy, chiggers? (08/15/12)

I Say Dump It (08/06/12) 1

Where Are You The Safest? (07/30/12)

A geezer's guide to household repairs (07/25/12)

What Does Up To mean? (07/20/12) 2

Some things you shouldn't say to a Geezer (07/09/12)

What happened to the friendly market place? (06/28/12) 2

Survey says? Don't take the survey! (06/19/12)

We have met the enemy and he is us (06/12/12) 2

What would you send to the moon? (06/05/12)

As Bob Dylan sang, 'The Times They Are A'Changin' ' (05/30/12)

The Eyes Have it - Again (05/24/12)

Illini by birth Hoosier by the grace of God (05/18/12)

Fix a mower? Heck, I can't even fix lunch (05/07/12)

Do you really need to put that on a warning? (05/01/12)

Is it really that important to know this stuff? (04/25/12)

Be thankful your parents were not in show business (04/19/12)

The Reno Brothers Set A Precedent (04/05/12)

There are so many aspects of life that I just don't understand (04/03/12)

I prefer the words penurious and parsimonious (03/20/12) 1

It's up to you; have you had enough up? (03/12/12)

Rich Or Famous, which will it be? (03/05/12)

I'll take some fries, shake with my out-patient surgery (03/01/12)

What's UP? (02/20/12)

Stop the presses! Boys were playing outside (02/13/12)

If you think about it, the Super Bowl isn't really super (02/06/12)

38 is middle age whether you like it or not (01/30/12) 1

SAR Is Not the Belgium Airline (01/26/12)

It may be time to clean out the fridge (01/16/12)

Disappointment is a part of life for us all (01/09/12)

What has 'the season' become for all of us? (01/04/12)

Earl and Opal make me laugh (12/28/11)

Buying jeans can be a traumatic experience (12/20/11) 1

One of these days I'm going to ...do it all (12/08/11)

I Am A Rebel, You Can't Stop Me (12/05/11) 1

Signs Are Hilarious (11/29/11) 1

Blustery night after practice leads to bad experience (11/16/11)

IDK when it comes to texting ... LOL (11/14/11)

'I bet everyone in heaven gets a guinea pig' (11/07/11) 1

My 'Liberty Bell' isn't really cracked (10/10/11)

Items found in storage bring back a lot of memories (09/12/11)

New toilet would have been great on the farm (08/30/11) 2

Too much activity can be a family killer (08/01/11)

Edward Scissorhands is a mean man (07/25/11)

Brits say women should dress in suitable manner (07/18/11) 1

Mother, father finally find the name they're looking for (07/12/11)

Smart phones are really, really dumb! (07/05/11) 5

Dead Horse Creek provided memories (07/01/11) 1

I can still hear the laughter of grandchildren playing (06/22/11) 2

Kinds of rain ... (06/07/11) 1

Does anyone care about the NBA playoffs? (06/03/11) 3

Flight to Eastern Europe wasn't good (05/18/11) 1

Can you tweeze without dreaded finger fatigue? (05/10/11)

Anne does not live in New York City (04/13/11) 2

It really is a small world when you travel (04/06/11) 1

News from around the state and nation (03/25/11)

My bucket has a hole in it (03/22/11) 3

Thanks Punxsutawney Phil for prediction (02/08/11)

Geezers, Tweezers don't always get along (01/31/11)

Who is smarter, women or men? Part II (01/24/11) 1

Say no to John Barleycorn at state fair (01/19/11) 11

Ray has a cell phone now (01/06/11)

Try these 2011 resolutions on for 'size' (01/05/11)

What joy we had with simple Christmas gifts (12/21/10)

Some day we're going to be too scared to get out of bed (11/30/10) 4

The Washington Memorial says it all (11/23/10) 2

'If I can smell it I can tell it' (11/01/10) 2

There was a bobcat in our neighborhood (10/26/10)

Jack Frost is waiting outside for us all (10/04/10)

Pioneer or settler: Which will you be? (09/29/10) 1

Mr. President: Can I be the Clothing Czar? (09/20/10) 1

It's so dry ... (09/09/10) 2

Do you still believe in fairy tales? (09/03/10) 5

What's wrong with a yard full of crabgrass? (08/23/10) 3

Our state fair Is the best state fair (08/16/10)

We do almost everything with our hands (08/09/10) 1

What's the use? (08/02/10) 1

Store bought green beans taste like tongue depressors (07/28/10) 3

Playing the trumpet was a lot of fun (07/20/10) 3

Why would I want to climb a building? (07/07/10) 2

Who decides how words are pronounced? (06/22/10) 2

What's next, a fee for breathing on a plane? (06/18/10) 2

'I'm hungry' turns into long night for family (06/15/10)

Now I know how cattle feel. (05/21/10) 2

Yes, Virginia There Is A Cuckoo Bird (05/17/10)

There's no business like... (05/11/10)

Who Is This Guy? (05/04/10) 1

BW needs to show some improvement (04/26/10)

How did we ever survive the old days? (04/20/10)

Do you cringe at the sound of rubber gloves? (04/12/10)

Spring has sprung (03/30/10)

My assets are covered (03/25/10) 3

Hollywood and Madison Avenue Just Don't Get It (03/12/10) 1

Wouldn't the Psychic Church know? (03/01/10) 2

'I don't have any antiques but you' (02/24/10) 2

Let somebody do it (02/15/10)

Hoosier Land is a nice place to live (02/05/10) 1

A new year provides a great opportunity (01/21/10)

Once upon a time never came again for Matt, Amanda (01/13/10)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (12/21/09)

Let's do it this year! (12/18/09)

Why aren't people thankful? (12/04/09) 3

Putting flags by the stumps (11/27/09)

I hiked the Appalachian Trail in record time (11/20/09)

Old friends are rich in their friendship (10/16/09)

Things I Have Learned Through The Years (10/06/09)

Tomatoes, watermelons are supposed to be red! (09/18/09) 7

Steve has trouble turning his car off (08/28/09) 2

Is it time to make some chili soup? (08/17/09) 1

There's only one strawberry shortcake! (08/14/09)

There is real time and then there is ... (08/03/09)

Where is Barney when you need him? (07/31/09)

Be careful how you judge others (07/01/09) 3

Have you ever thought about buying your dog a 'Doggie bikini' (06/11/09) 1

Do you remember your first television? (05/19/09) 1

Will Rogers would be at home today (05/15/09)

Mushroom hunting is in my blood (05/05/09)

Don't say anything to BW about the run in her hose (05/01/09) 1

Let the truth be known ... bald is not beautiful! (04/14/09) 2

The wedding song 'Oh Promise me' doesn't seem so hokey now (04/10/09) 1

How fur to Indy? You walkin' or drivin'? (04/01/09) 1

Where is the Town I Used to Know? (03/25/09) 3

Where is the Town I Used to Know? (03/25/09) 1

'Old Pappy Time Is A Pickin' My Pocket' (03/18/09) 1

When it comes to the weather, most Hoosiers are resilient (03/11/09) 1

Taking a Cruise on the Lotion Ocean (02/13/09) 1

It Was Colder Than A Dog's Nose on Your Leg in August (02/03/09) 1

Columnist has so many questions, not enough answers (01/28/09) 2

Daughters turn nap into a tsunami for mommy (01/13/09)

Sayins'may be better than resolutions (01/06/09)

Everything is OK until I'm told 'some restrictions apply' (01/02/09)

Christmas Village brings back many good memories (12/26/08) 1

Some things you should never purchase used (11/12/08) 3

We Now Own A Chisnapnervosa Dog (11/07/08) 1

There are some laws only Barney Fife can understand (10/20/08) 1

Fall is a great time of the year in Indiana (10/07/08)

Gotta take a sentimental journey home (09/29/08) 2

It would be nice to go back in time and visit Mrs. Davis (09/18/08)

Has anyone figured out what chiggers are good for? (09/12/08)

Hooray for the USA; see you in London in 2012 (09/03/08)

Barney Fife Must Be In Charge of Government Records (08/27/08) 1

I figured it out: Men are Yankees, women are Southern Belles (08/06/08)

Now that I think about it, I'm unhappy (08/01/08) 2

Everything is OK until the word 'diaper' is mentioned (07/21/08)

That bloat thing might work (07/15/08) 1

Parents offer Amy a valuable lesson (07/04/08)

Las Vegas looks OK at night, but what about the morning? (06/25/08) 2

'I have room for one more' (06/17/08) 1

David and Ida, You Did Well (06/09/08) 1

Columnist getting a case of the 'Cain't Hep Its' (05/22/08) 1

Tis the season to be a fungi hunter ... I'm the best! (05/16/08) 1

Should we call America a Christian nation? (05/09/08) 15

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